Who We Work With

 Because we offer a customized approach, grounded in our overarching principles that make for A Better Conversation, the individuals and groups we work with come from a broad spectrum. What they all have in common is a strong desire to break out of vicious cycles that leave them feeling stuck and unproductive, listless and bogged down, all the while confused and unhappy, and looking for a way to grow, find direction, and take constructive action.

Examples of some of the people with whom we’ve worked:

  • Individuals unhappy with their current work situation (for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to: toxic work environments, dysfunctional bosses, passive-aggressive colleagues & supervisors, employees/bosses with erratic, uncontrolled tempers, daily/hourly shifts in what’s expected, “one bad apple”…..you get the picture)
  • Students struggling to figure why & how they are stuck, have difficulty learning a subject or completing an assignment, or why they are challenged by or overwhelmed by some subjects & assignments…
  • Non-profits struggling to reclaim their mission,
  • Managers &/or employees struggling with individuals who disrupt productivity….

Our goal is to help you take what comes out of A Better Conversation, to be the agent of change you want to be in your life, to the degree you can and want to take it, at the pace you need to go, but feeling now you have options, and insights, and direction to live your life, and/or for your organization to be the productive, creative, generative place it is organically primed to be.


Joan has a way of asking open ended questions without bias.  She doesn’t lead you to a conclusion, but allows you to make your own path.  I believe she can do this because she has mastered the art of conversation and  genuinely loves hearing what others have to say.  She allows for the natural flow of your ideas, which enables the conversation to grow organically.  I always leave the conversation feeling better than when I walked in.

-Matt C., Boston

I learned something in talking with Joan. I realized how wonderful it is to have someone curious about your real self.  To have someone look at me, and have someone ask “tell me more about that.”  It was a really wonderful gift.  I’ve used Joan’s “tell me more about that” with friends, at work, with my husband, and its brought about a much higher level of conversation.

Ellen P., Milwaukee

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