One-on-one personal, individual consulting. In person or via Skype.

Whatever you’d like to talk about, for which you’d like to have A Better  Conversation, we’re here to listen and help. You pick the topic, the issue, the concern, the question, and we listen, ask open ended questions, and help you unpack and disentangle from what may seem like a mish mash of topics. Our goal, via our one-on-one sessions is to let you feel heard, get perspective on what you bring, and find potential, concrete actions you can take to get you on your way to feeling productive and make decisions that take you in the direction YOU want to go.

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Workshops, presentations, and group facilitation, customized to meet your needs, goals and interests.

Did some of the examples found in Who We Work With resonate with you?   Sound familiar? Or perhaps there are other topics, practices, ideas, theories, problem solving and critical thinking skills that you – and your team/group/colleagues – A Better Conversation, and our approach of open ended questioning and listening could help you with. Or pick a topic. We provide a customized presentation, guided by how you want it to look & flow. You help us decide how much time you want us to talk, how much group participation you’d like and the opportunity to practice & apply what we discuss as part of what services we provide.

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A Better Conversation website will periodically post webinars where we discussed topics that we find we’re discussing with others often. Like how to listen openly, what’s involved in surfacing assumptions and letting them go, how to speak up so others can hear and not be put off or find a way to cope with the constant stress of the never ending need to “keep up.” There are a host of topics that we’ve found arise across groups – from businesses, to education, to medicine, to non-profits, to parents – to individuals. Our webinar selection will address these universal topics and needs, and offer suggestions for the various ways they arise in these settings and possible options for action.

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Joan asked me 2 questions, “Have you ever felt swept up in something so you felt spontaneous joy or gratitude?” and “Can you remember a time when you really enjoyed what you were doing professionally?”.  Those were questions I hadn’t asked myself in a long time, and it really helped me realize my current work situation wasn’t right for me.  Now I have a much better handle on where I want to go, what my strengths are, and what kind of work environment I can do best in.

Meredith D., Boston

Talking with Joan brought things to light and made me more aware at work and at home.  I’d be going along, and I’d say, “Ah-ha, this is a perfect example of what Joan & I were talking about.”  And instead of skimming over it and having it just be a habit, I’d realize, “No, this is a point that is very important,” and I’d try to put words to what I was doing and zero in on it, so I could do it more often.  Be my best self.

Nel H., Milwaukee

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