How We Do What We Do

We start by listening to your unique take, needs, situation, meaning making, values, so we can hear what matters to you, because YOU MATTER.

A Better Conversation helps you find creative, productive methods to help you do more of what you love and be who you want to be.  We work with individuals and groups.

  • You matter is our mantra. To us, it goes without saying that you have inherent dignity and integrity, and nothing trumps this. So we start here….and from here we’re guided by these other fundamental principles;
  • We are genuinely interested in YOU (not us), so we work hard not to impose our assumptions on you and what you’re saying, and we hold our assumptions in check. Which means we ask questions, to make sure we understand whatever you’re saying, the way you want us to understand it.
  • Which means we don’t control the conversation, YOU DO. When we’re listening, we don’t direct or steer the conversation so it fits where we want it to go, and what we want you to say. You take the conversation where you want it to go, at the pace you need it to go, with the breadth and depth you need it to have.
  • All this means, we are open to the different ways a person is understanding and making meaning of a situation, a problem, a value, an aspiration, a goal, a strategy, and that there can be layers of complexity to each of these. So, we are patient and open to hearing what you mean, how you interpret what you’re seeing, hearing and living. We value diversity, variety and plurality, and know it’s at the core of understanding and the roots of A Better Conversation.

By working with these fundamental principles, we help you find creative alternatives and new perspectives – openings for you to get solid footing, back on solid ground – so you feel more safe and comfortable.

From here we can help you pan back, see more angles, new possibilities, and options you hadn’t considered, or make those decisions you’ve been pondering for some time. Who knows, we may even find alternatives to what you’re already doing…but perhaps conversations with us can help you give it a new twist.

Once we begin to learn about you – who you are and what you want – we help you customize concrete, productive, generative activities and actions you can take, to move in the direction you want to move, and do what you love.

Examples of how we do this, what goes into this, along with exercises and brief discussions of how these broad principles can be operationalized, and further unpacked to discover the other values that are layered within these values can be found by clicking Let’s Talk, found in the navigation bar on our Home page.

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When you have A Better Conversation you come away with:

  • new insights & understanding
  • being heard and understood
  • inspiration for growth
  • a sense of freedom
  • breathing room and possibility
  • deep respect, care and a strong connection to your innate integrity & potential
  • confidence in your next steps and decisions
  • being heard and understood
  • at peace with decisions you make
  • confidence in the next steps and decisions you make
  • living in line with your integrity

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