Do you ever wish you just had someone you could talk with?  Who would genuinely listen & try to understand?  Who wanted to hear your story, your situation, what you’re thinking about and considering?


You’re not the only one.
A Better Conversation Can Help.

We start by listening to you, hearing what you have to say, understanding how what you describe is/are keeping you from being the productive and creative person you long to be, to find your direction, and take steps to make it happen.

We help you reframe and see the other or additional ways of considering the problem, so you can disentangle the situation, glean new insights and ideas and find options for actions that you aren’t able to see right now.

Via the principles and methods of A Better Conversation, we help you discover and recover what motivates and inspires you, so you can explore and practice these new possibilities for action, from a place that is right for you.  You decide!

We believe that support is key. But support is different for every person, so we listen for and provide the support you need, as you face the challenges as you experience them.

We move at your pace to help you find what you need to break this cycle, and move forward with concrete ideas, strategies and foundations – of your making – with purpose, direction, feeling whole, grounded and productive. All those things you know you are and can be.

About Joan

I love to teach and I love to learn. In 2009, after finishing my doctorate (see yellow box on right for details), and after 30 years in traditional classroom settings, from grad to high school, I decided to take this passion outside the conventional classroom setting.

Over those 30 years I’d met hosts of people who wanted to learn, and I found I had a knack for helping people of all ages do just that.

Especially about themselves.

I found conversation was central to how I did this. People always seem to want to talk with me, and share what was going on in their lives. The good, the bad and the scary.

As one person said, “I always feel I can be direct and honest with you.”

I appreciated that. I think this is because I value each person for whom he or she is. Everyone has inherent moral dignity and worth. And I care. So when I meet someone, I start from this place.

I started A Better Conversation: A platform so that I can teach and help you learn – about yourself and others – so you can have “better” conversations with yourself and others, which will help you live the life you want to live, with the people you want to be with.

I teach and learn in the Socratic tradition; helping you find materials and ask thoughtful questions, relevant to you and who you are, so you can connect to and draw from your own insight, and learn from where that takes you.

I use books, movies, art, music, nature, television, food….all kinds of different things. Some will be scholarly, others not so much. I just want you to know what’s out there – that is relevant to your world, your questions – so you can pick and choose what works for you and provides the foundation you need.

Please take a look at the many posts under Let’s Talk, to get an idea of what we do at A Better Conversation, what we offer, and the conversation we’re helping to generate and emerge.

Who We Are & Who We Are Not

We are consultants, mentors and advisors.  We are NOT psychotherapists, counselors or coaches.  A Better Conversation is not a substitute for these valuable and life-saving services.

While we have an in-depth background in psychology – particularly developmental and cognitive – we draw from this, along with our in-depth background in education, group dynamics, leadership development, as well as the social sciences and humanities.

This rich and broad background provides the foundation for and guiding wisdom to create and foster A Better Conversation.

A bad conversation can ruin your day.

A Better Conversation can MAKE your day, and even counter all the bad one’s you’ve had.

Meet Joan Blanusa, Founder of A Better Conversation

I have been in education, of all forms, for over 30 years. I have a doctorate from Harvard Graduate School of Education where my research focused on adult development and education, critical and creative thinking, and transitional and lifelong learning. I’ve always been curious about what shapes how we see and understand the world, and how learn. After completing my degree in 2009, I created A Better Conversation, to work with individuals, organizations, businesses and non-profits who are looking for growth and development in the modern world.  I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, spent time in the Bay Area, and currently reside just outside Boston.

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